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Precedent Analysis

Jubilee Church (La Chiesa del Dio Padre Misericordioso)
Rome, Italy
Richard Meier

"Light is the protagonist of our understanding and reading of space. Light is the means by which we are able to experience what we call sacred. Light is at the origins of this building... In the Jubilee Church, the three concrete shells define an enveloping atmosphere in which the light from the skylights above creates a luminous spatial experience, and the rays of sunlight serve as a mystical metaphor of the presence of God..."

Justification: Look at the building... need I say more? This captivating structure is designed by one of my favorite architects. I wish to further research this structure in depth, due to the fact that i only know what it looks like, and I would like to scratch through that thin surface and unearth the findings within. I wish to discover via research the buildings form and composition, spatial relationships, materials and finishes, etc. to understand the building it self. Then I will dig even further and find the buildings influence on the culture and society surrounding it. I hope my research can be used to help bring understanding to my self and other about the effect architecture has on humans.

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